Protecting the environment, our customers and ourselves from Superfund liability is Electrum’s top priority. This policy is a clear directive from management, stressing strong, responsible environmental awareness within recycling operations; while caring for the safety of employees and the local community. Electrum’s environmental policy has, and will continue to be aligned with all Federal and State regulations. Continuing beyond minimum regulatory compliance; we strive to implement additional programs and processes to protect our customers.

During the refining process of precious metal and solder dross, pollutants and hazardous gases are released. Electrums “cutting edge”, DEP stack tested and permitted equipment, will lend peace of mind to our customers. We encourage all customers to be a part of the process; our doors are always open for an environmental audit.

Electrum’s plant employees are required to go through safety, first-aid, forklift, and “Employee Right to Know” educational classes on a yearly basis. Beyond educating, we provide all employees with the necessary equipment to keep them safe and healthy.