Precious Metals Refinery

Over 100 years of combined experience in the precious metal recycling business has enabled Electrum management to develop invaluable knowledge and understanding of the precious metal refining processes; specifically melting, chemical stripping and incineration of precious metal bearing material.

When a customer selects Electrum as their refiner, they can be fully assured that their material is processed in an environmentally safe manner. The customer always receives:

  1. Accurate weights / recoveries
  2. Superior returns
  3. Prompt payments

Take a look at our descriptions outlined below. However, if you would like a more in depth understanding of the precious metal refining process along with other Electrum services, please email or call 1(800) 622-1192.

Stripping and Electrolysis

Our chemical stripping operation provides Electrum with the capability to remove precious metals from plated parts and components. This process was tested by the DEP for fugitive emissions and certified to be within New Jersey DEP guidelines.

After the removal of precious metal, we transfer our proprietary precious metal impregnated solution to our Electrolysis department. From there we charge the solution with an electrical current. As the precious metal gains electrons, it is deposited onto a cathode.


High Grade Material – Small volume parcels of precious metal materials are charged into a smaller sized induction furnace then mixed, blended and sampled (via glass rod or drilling bar method).

Low Grade Material – Precious metal bearing metallic, ash, etc., are loaded into a larger induction furnace and melted. A proprietary powder is added to the melt which combines with metallic impurities, forming a slag on the melt surface. The metal then cools and the slag is removed, resulting in a metal ingot product. The ingots are then drilled, sampled and assayed to determine the precious metal content contained.


By utilization of advanced thermal reduction, organic and foreign attachments associated with precious metals are removed. (I.E. sweeps, filters, medical devices, resins, PM Kim wipes, jars, applicators) These recyclables require processing prior to melting and/or screen sampling for determination of precious metal content.