Electrum’s unique ECOCYCLE solder reclamation process includes our proprietary PACS (Pollution Abatement Control System) which offers best-in-the-industry environmental protections. Our DEP-Permitted operation has been stack tested and offers industry-leading emission levels for solder and lead recycling.  We currently run at less than one third of the allowable USEPA limits for secondary lead smelters.

Our process offers environmentally-safe recycling of tin, lead, and silver bearing materials containing flux chemistry from soldering processes such as wave, dip, and tinning operations. The lead bearing particles and acidic flux chemistries are strictly controlled during the reclamation process to eliminate possible discharge to the atmosphere. Others may use technologies like bag house operations that do not account for flux chemistry burn off and can easily ignite, thus providing zero abatement controls and causing damage to the atmosphere.  Our one-of-a-kind PACS closed loop system completely negates that possibility.

Our process:

  • Receive and weigh each item separately on a NJ Weights and Measures certified scale
  • Trained lab technicians obtain a representative “bulk sample” of items received
  • Samples are transferred to Electrum’s preparation laboratory to be melted
  • Melted pucks are then analyzed on our “SPECTROMAX-x” equipment
  • Our Spectrograph provides a detailed breakdown of metal units contained and containments
  • After the Plant Manager evaluates the Spectro report, material is staged
  • The Charge Master will then add material to the melt schedule accordingly

What we buy:

Manufacturing Process
Items Generated

63/37 – 60/40

Wave solder, HASL solder, Tinning, Dipping

Dross, Metal

63/37, Lead Free

SMT soldering

Solder Paste, Jars w/Paste, Wipes w/Paste

Lead Free

Wave solder, Dipping, Tinning, Plumbing, Costume Jewelry

Dross, Metal

Pure Tin

Coating Copper wire and steel, Electroplating

Dross, Metal, Dried Sludge, Anodes

50/50 – 40/60

Electrical dipping, Metal spinning

Dross, Metal

25/75 – 30/70

Radiators, Heat exchangers

Dross, Metal


Harnesses/ Cable Dipping

Dross, Metal


Metallizing capacitors, Babbitting

Overspray Powder, Clumps, Flakes, Babbit Dross


Component dipping

Dross, Metal


Component dipping

Dross, Metal

Electrum’s technology is ever evolving to include processing of additional scrap items. Don’t see your material on our list? Give us a call at 800-622-1192 or email sales@electruminc.com to see if we can be of service. Even if we cannot handle your scrap, our 45 years of industry experience may be able to identify a viable vendor for your needs. Put our knowledge to work for you today.