Electrum, Inc. recycles material from generators located throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. We are familiar with most environmental regulations and shipping requirements. In the majority of cases we provide pickup, transportation and document services direct from the generator location.

  • Our ability to provide the customer with comprehensive recycling services has been a key element in our growth and success for over 40 years.
  • We maintain continuous contact with all of our customers to insure they are 100% satisfied with the Electrum service, payment and support.
  • Our long-term customer relationships often result in business referrals to new clients.

A referral customer is generally interested in a recycler with stronger environmental credentials and a more comprehensive recycling package. Additionally, dissatisfaction over services provided by their recycler may be an issue, such as:

  1. Slow recycling payments
  2. Inability to answer generator environmental or recycling questions
  3. Poor service regarding container or pickup requests such as:
    • Multiple calls to secure the service
    • Recycler procedures too involved (i.e. forms, etc.)
    • The recycler cannot process all the items generated